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Dancing Basic with Passion - Paso Doble

He is a superb reference for anyone studying Latin American dancing at Bronze, Silver or Gold level as well as ony competitor who would like to study the basics again in more detail.Slavik Kryklyvyy & Karina Smirnoff recorded these DVDs shortly before their split at the time when they were tipped to be the next world’s best professional couple. The way they show the basics is simply perfect, and not only technically. Visually they also create the most beautiful picture together. Everything is sparked up by Corky Ballas’s commentary and his high enthusiasm. A ‘must have’ reference DVD for any serious Latin-American dancer.

  • Introduction
  • History of Paso Doble
  • Posture in Paso Doble
  • Arm Styling
  • Body Positions and Holds
  • Paso Doble Walks
  • The Apel
  • Methods of Changing Feet
  • Contra Body Movement Position
  • Foot Positions
  • Paso Doble Warm Up
  • Bronze Level – Paso Doble Warm Up
  • 1) Surplace 2) Basic Movement Forward and Back 3) Chassé to Right 4) Chassé to Left 5) The Drag 6) The Deplacement 7) Promenade Link 8) Promenades 9) Fallaway Whisk 10) Separation 11) Separation with Lady’s Caping Walks
  • Bronze Paso Doble Routine
  • Silver Level – Paso Doble Warm Up
  • 12) Separation with Fallaway Ending 13) The Huit 14) The Sixteen 15) Promenade and Counter Promenades 16) The Grand Circle 17) The Open Telemark 18) The La Passe 19) The Banderillas 20) Twist Turn 21) Fallaway Reverse 22) Coup Di Pique 23) Left Foot Variation 24) Spanish Line
  • Silver Paso Doble Routine
  • Gold Level – Paso Doble Warm Up
  • 25) Flamenco Taps with Spanish Line 26) Syncopated Separation 27) Traveling Spins 28) The Farol 29) The Twists 30) The Chassé Cape
  • Gold Paso Doble Routine

Running time 76 min.