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It's time to dance to Gold level - Part 1

Demonstrated by Chris Hawkins and Hazel Newberry, World, European, Open British, International, UK, undefeated Professional Ballroom Champions.

Ideal for those studying for the ISTD or other professional Examination. The video presents all variations up to Gold Level.

Figures of Silver level

Waltz: Closed Telemark, Open Telemark, Open Impetus, Cross Hesitation, Wing, Weave from PP, Outside spin, Turning lock

Tango: Four Step, Back Open Promenade, Fallaway Promenade, Promenade link, Outside Swivel, Reverse Swivel, Brush Tap & Four Step Change

Figures of Gold level

Waltz: Turning lock to Right, Left Whisk, Closed Wing, Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot, Contra Check, Hover Corte

Tango: Five Step, Basic Reverse Turn, Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivots, Fallaway Four Step, Oversway, The Chase & Contra Check

Viennese Waltz: Natural Turn, Reverse Turn, Change Step from Natural to Reverse & Change Step from Reverse to Natural