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2018 WDSF World Latin, Ostrava

And the new Latin champions of the World DanceSport Federation are crowned! Armen Tsaturyan and Svetlana Gudyno have taken their well-deserved placement as the World Latin Champions of 2018! The last time that Russia took this World title was in 2010, when Alexey Silde and partner Anna Firstova won their second Latin title in a row. Then, Croatia won in 2011 (Zoran Plohl and Tatsiana Lahvinovich Galchun), Italy for three years in a row from 2012 to 2014 (Aniello Langella and Khrystyna Moshenska) and then Moldova for three years from 2015 to 2017 (Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus). Now Russia has come back to take the world-lead once again.

Rhythm/Style: Latin
Level of Dance: All Levels
Format: DVD / All Regions

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1. Armen Tsaturyan – Svetlana Gudyno RUS 78
2. Marius-Andrei Balan – Khrystyna Moshenska GER 6
3. Timur Imametdinov – Nina Bezzubova GER 35
4. Andrey Gusev – Vera Bondareva RUS 31
5. Charles-Guillaume Schmitt – Elena Salikhova FRA 69
6. Andrea Silvestri – Varadi Martina HUN 71


7. Edgar Marcos Borjas – Alina Nowak POL 51
8. Umberto Gaudino – Louise Heise DEN 27
9. Guillem Pascual – Rosa Carne ESP 60
10. Konstantin Gorodilov – Dominika Bergmannova EST 30
11. Jakub Lipowski – Diandra-Aniela Illes POL 49
12. Moldovan Paul – Tatar Cristina ROU 54


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