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American Rhythm – Bronze East Coast Swing

Rhythm/Style: American Style
Dancers (Instructors): Nazar Norov & Irina Kudryashova
Level of Dance: Bronze
Format: DVD / All Regions

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1. Basic
2. Basic Turning to Right
3. Basic Turning to Left
4. Throw Out
5. (Inside) Underarm Turn
Demonstration of Figures 1 – 5
6. Underarm Release from Basic
7A. Free Spin Tuck-In (from Handshake)
7B. Free Spin Tuck-In (from Double Handhold)
7C. Underarm Tuck-In (from Double Handhold)
8. Alternating Underarm Turns
9. Shoulder Check
10. Cradle
Demonstration of Figures 6 -10
11. Cradle to Hammerlock
12. Sugar Push Throw Out
13. Double Face Loop
14. Opposition Break & Roll Out
15. Whirlpool
Demonstration of Figures 11 -15
Dance Demonstration


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