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American Smooth – Advanced Technique

A must-have for all American Style Smooth dancers. This is just like having a private lesson with David & Olga as they explain in clear detail the techniques you need to improve your dancing at the advanced level. These techniques are demonstrated by using the most often danced figures at this level.
Rhythm/Style: American Style Smooth
Dancer (Instructor): David Hamilton & Olga Foraponova
Level of Dance: All Level
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 82 min.

$49.00 $15.00

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1. Twinkle Open Natural Turn with Syncopated Underarm Turn
Exit A. Developé to Reverse Underarm Turn
Exit B. Back to Twinkle
2. Oversway
3. Open Side Lock to Underarm Turn or Grapevine
4. Natural Turn and Reverse Turn in Shadow Position
5. Open Reverse Turn with Underarm Turn


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