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American Style Rhythm – Technique ,

Rhythm/Style: American Style Rhythm
Dancer (Instructor): Ron & Karla Montez
Level of Dance: All Levels
Format: DVD / All Regions

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Produced in 2007. Approximately 41 minutes.

  1. Body Isolations
    A. Shoulders
    B. Rib Cage
    C. Hips
  1. Arm Styling
    A. Basic
    B. Small Circle
    C. Big Circle
    D. Frame Circle
    E. Arm Circle with Walk
  1. Partnering
    A. Push-Catch
    B. Cross-Over
    C. Leading and Following Turns & Swivels
    D. Press-Catch
  1. Latin Body Action
    A. Tap and Crease
    B. Figure 8
    C. Side, Close, Side
    D. Turn, Close, Side
    E. Rocks
    F. Side Breaks


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