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American Style Smooth – Viennese Waltz Gold Variations ,

Rhythm/Style: American Style Smooth
Dancer (Instructor): Chris Morris
Level of Dance: Syllabus
Format: DVD / All Regions

$29.00 $12.00

Produced in 1993

1) Contra Check to Center Telemark
2) In and Out Rolls
3) Reverse Turn with Underarm to Opposition Check & Rhonde
4) Open Right Box to Develope and Telemark
5) Shadow Turn Combination
6) Open Right Turn to Check and Back Run
7) Telekick to Outside Check and Underarm Turn
8) Around the World to Side Passes
9) Open Side Lock Combination to Reverse Freespin
10) Wrap Combination to Reverse Freespin and Quick Contra Check

Approximately 68 minutes


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