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Argentine Tango Gold Syllabus ,

The Ultimate Argentine Tango DVD Collection! This 9 volume DVD series offers a wealth of figures, technique and styling. The series begins with Argentine Tango Syllabus Volumes I, II and III, which take you step by step through a broad spectrum of figures incorporating all the major elements of the dance such as Ochos, Barridas, Paradas, Media Vuelta, Vocadas, Colgadas and many types of Sacadas. The method includes splicing these figures together in an improvisational format to create a new dance every time you step onto the dance floor. The instruction is completely in English and is professionally produced in an organized one-on-one format like a private lesson, making this DVD clear and easy to comprehend.
Rhythm/Style: Argentine Tango
Dancer (Instructor): Christy Coté & George Garcia
Level of Dance: Gold (Advanced)
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 107 min.

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Individual Steps

31 Revolving Forward Ochos
32 Revolving Back Ochos
33 Sacada de la Pierna
34 Sacada Left, Sacada Right, Sacada de la Pierna
35 Promenade with Leg Wrap
Demonstration – Figures 31-35
36 Overturned Forward Ochos
37A From Cruzada to Position 2 with Carpa
37B Carpa from Outside Partner Left
38A Enrosque, Lapiz and Block
38B Enrosque Variation and Back Sacada
38C Man’s Planeo and Barrida
39 Grapevine and Media Vuelta
40 Walking in a Circle with Sacadas
Demonstration – Figures 36-40
41 Enganche Sacada from Cadencia
42 Man’s Back Sacada, Lady’s Back Sacada, Sacada de la Pierna
43 Progressive Left Turn
44 Cadena
45 Colgada
Demonstration – Figures 41-45


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