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Believe In Basics – International Figures & Technique Set (5 DVDs) ,

In this DVD Victor & Anna offer an insight into how competitive dancers use basic figures to improve and enhance their dancing, making even the simplest figures look their most impressive. Through variations in rotation, speed and timing, Victor & Anna will show you how to produce and unlimited number of exciting combinations.

Buy all 5 Believe In Basics DVDs and save $9 comparing to buying them individually.

This offer consists of 5 DVDs:

  • Believe In Basics Slow Waltz
  • Believe In Basics Tango
  • Believe In Basics Foxtrot
  • Believe In Basics Quickstep
  • Believe In Basics Viennese Waltz
Rhythm/Style: Standard
Dancer (Instructor): Victor Fund & Anna Mikhed
Level of Dance: Bronze (Beginning-Intermediate)
Format: DVD / All Regions

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