Bringing Out the Inner Champion (4-video)


This 4-class series is designed to help you master movement and mind for more confident dancing and presence. If you’re looking for feeling more self-assured off and on the dance floor, these classes are for you.

Movement – Mind – Mastery 

Lesson 1 – Movement

Focus on how to use alignment of the body to feel more self-assured. 

Lesson 2 – Mind

Learn how to have positive self-talk for improved confidence.

Lesson 3 – Movement

Learn exercises that enhance confidence and presentation.

Lesson 4 – Mastery

Kasia will provide you with exercises and ideas that help maintain the exercises and ideas learned in this series.

Rhythm/Style: American Rhythm
Dancer (Instructor): Kasia Kozak
Level of Dance: All levels
Format: Full HD
Timing: 4 hours

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