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Country Western – Gold Night Club Two-Step

Learn beginning to intermediate Country-Western Cha Cha with Toby & Harmony Munroe. Toby is the 2004 & 2005 UCWDC World Champion in the Classic Masters division. This video is like having a personal dance lesson by two of the most sought after Country & Western dance instructors in the nation!

Rhythm/Style: Country-Western
Dancer (Instructor): Toby & Harmony Munroe
Level of Dance: Gold
Format: DVD / All Regions
Running time: 135 min.

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• Carousel & Barrel Roll
• Curved Windmill
• Shadow Box
• Right to Right Headloop, Elbow Catch & Spiral
• Sit Dip Combination
• D.N.A.
• Wrap Combination
• Continuous Drape
• Tummy Wrap
• Side Lean
• Side Lunge & Duck
• Telespin to Fallaway with Left Rock Turn
• Shaping Line
• Right to Right Shoulder Drape Combination
• Advanced Man Spin & Knee Catch


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