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Dancesport Records – Oversway ,

Rhythm/Style: Standard
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Dancesport Records

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Track listing:

1 Amar Pelos Dois (Slow Waltz: 29BPM) van Anarita
2 Amar Pelos Dois (English Version) (Slow Waltz: 29BPM) van Anarita
3 Ballad Of The Goddess (Slow Waltz: 29BPM) van Laura Coubert
4 The Spider, The Old Woman & The Girl (Slow Waltz: 29BPM)
5 Dive (Slow Waltz: 30BPM)
6 My Way (Tango: 32BPM)
7 Summer (Tango: 32BPM)
8 Comme Des Enfants (Viennese Waltz: 59BPM)
9 Crazy In Love (Viennese Waltz: 59BPM)
10 Le Petite Mort (Viennese Waltz: 59BPM)
11 What Is Love (Slow Foxtrot: 29BPM)
12 Hotline Bling (Slow Foxtrot: 29BPM)
13 Diamonds (Slow Foxtrot: 29BPM)
14 Love Me Again (Slow Foxtrot: 29BPM)
15 Greedy (Quickstep: 50BPM)
16 When We Stand Together (Quickstep: 50BPM)
17 La Felicità (Quickstep: 51BPM)
18 Sorry (Quickstep: 51BPM)


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