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Die neuen Figuren des Latein (The New Figures of Latin) ,

The new figures of DTV Figure Catalog Latin. This is the DVD (also newly released at the German Open 2016) showing new syllabus figures in Latin. Germany has made the WDSF syllabus also the binding one for its national syllabus-restricted classes.
Bonus: Free The WDSF syllabus E-book
The WDSF syllabus contains 72 new figures and combinations (figures from the ISTD book, the supplement and additions by Team Diablo in the WDSF Book)

Language: English
Rhythm/Style: Latin
Presented by: Petra Matschullat-Horn
Dancer (Instructor): Dumitru Doga & Sarah Ertmer
Level of Dance: Syllabus
Format: DVD / All Regions

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1. Side Basic Movement to L
2. Side Basic Movement to R
3. Outside Basic
4. Promenade to Counter Promenade Botafogos
5. Travelling Botafogo Backward to PP
6a. Continuous Cruzados Locks
6b. Continuous Cruzados Locks in Promenade Hold
7. Reverse Roll
8. Carioca Runs
9. Argentine Crosses


1a. Time Step – Basic in Place
1b. Time Step – There and Back
2a. New York to R with Three Step Turn
2b. New York to R with Ronde Chasse
3a. New York to L with Three Step Turn
3b. New York to L with Ronde Chasse
4. Spot Turn to L with Lockstep Ending
5. Underarm Turn to R with Lockstep Ending
6. Three Cha Chas to R
7. Three Cha Chas to L
8. Aida
9. Fan (Foot Change)
10. Open Hip Twist (Foot Change)
11. Close Hip Twist (Foot Change)
12. Hockey Stick to Chasse – Lady overturned
13. Cross Basic
14. Cross Basic with Turn
15. Cross Basic to Open Opposing Position
16. Chasse to R Side Link (Foot Change)
17. Lock to R Side Link (Foot Change)
18. Link to Open Opposing Position (Foot Change)
19. Cuban Breaks to R
20. Cuban Breaks to L
21. Closed Hip Twist Spiral (Foot Change)
22. Open Hip Twist Spiral (Foot Change)
23a. Follow My Leader (Foot Change Steps 1-10)
23b. Follow My Leader (Foot Change Steps 16-20)
24. Syncopated Open Hip Twist (Foot Change)
25. Curl (Foot Change)
26. Rope Spinning
27. Overturned Lock Ending
28. Continuous Overturned Lock
29. Swivel from Overturned Lock
30. Swivel Hip Twist
31. Swivels
32. Walks and Whisks
33a. Link to Fan L Angle (Advanced Method of Changing Feet)
33b. Link to Fan L Angle with Lady’s Spiral Cross
34. Syncopated R Side Link (Advanced Method of Changing Feet)
35. Time Step Chasse (RF and LF)


1. Open Basic
2. Progressive Forward Walks
3a. Fencing to Spin (Steps 1-6)
3b. Fencing to Spin (Steps 1-6 into Progressive Forward Walks)
4. Sliding Doors (Variation)
5. Advanced Sliding Doors (Variation)
6. Swivels
7a. Overturned Basic
7b. Syncopated Overturned Basic


1. Drag
2. Chasse Cape Ending 1
3. Chasse Cape Ending 2
4. Chasse Cape Ending 3


1. Mooch
2. Rock to Simple Spin
3. Sugar Push
4. Miami Special
5. Shoulder Spin
6. Chugging
7. Chugging (ISTD)
8. Catapult
9. Stalking Walks, Flicks and Break (ISTD)


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