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Ladies Latin Styling Salsa ,

A video specialized for women to learn unique styling in a solo combination. Demonstrates the timings of the patterns, the footwork, body action and arm styling.

Rhythm/Style: Salsa
Dancer (Instructor): Jaana Kunitz
Level of Dance: All Level
Format: DVD / All Regions


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pt. one.
Whisk ;
Corner rocks ;
Foot crosses ;
Kick & lunge —

pt. two.
Open box ;
Slow walks into turns ;
Sit breaks & flicks ;
Spot turn basic ;
Body pulses ;
Turning step points —

pt. three.
Curving chasse ;
Bwd step point ;
Ripples ;
Batucadas ;
Bwd spot turns ;
Grapevine ;
Checks & hit.


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