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Salsa Ladies Technique & Styling ,

Jami Josephson breaks down the proper body action in Salsa dancing for men and women. She also teaches proper technique and skills for spinning On1 or On2 timing. This is like having a personal dance lesson right in your own home.

Rhythm/Style: Salsa
Dancer (Instructor): Jami Josephson
Level of Dance: All Levels
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 90 min.

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This beginner to advanced Salsa technique DVD covers the following:
• Cuban Motion (Lower Body)
• Understanding Body Movement (Upper Body)
• How to Make Your Styling Look Believable
• Turns & Spins
• Arms
• Head Accents
• Timing
• Shine pattern #1: Body Roll with Basic
• Shine pattern #2: Cha Cha
• Shine pattern #3: Heels Up
• Shine pattern #4: Cuban Step
• Shine pattern #5: Side Pulsations


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