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Jose DeCamps & Jami Josephson join forces to create a teaching program that is clear, precise and totally hot! All figures are shown with “on 1” and “on 2” timing. Each video in this collection is professionally produced in an organized, easy-to-follow format. This is like having a personal dance lesson right in your own home. This advanced Salsa DVD is a compilation of patterns from many of the top instructors around the world. Ten very cool advanced combinations in all.

Rhythm/Style: Salsa
Dancer (Instructor): Jami Josephson
Level of Dance: Advanced
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 74 min.

$49.00 $4.90

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1. Neck Roll Copa to Ballerina
2. Thomas Step Combo 1
3. Nelson’s Step
4. Copa Back to Back with Kick and Tango Jump
5. The Ladies Wall
6. Jai Step
7. You Know What…Al and Edie
8. Thomas Combo 2
9. Super Mario
10 A. Mario B
10 B. Jose Special


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