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Salsa Shine Patterns Vol.1 , ,

Jose DeCamps & Jami Josephson join forces to create a teaching program that is clear, precise and totally hot! All figures are shown with “on 1” and “on 2” timing. Each video in this collection is professionally produced in an organized, easy-to-follow format. This is like having a personal dance lesson right in your own home.

Rhythm/Style: Salsa
Dancer (Instructor): Jose DeCamps & Jami Josephson
Level of Dance: Bronze (Beginning-Intermediate)
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 69 min.

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Introduction to Timing
1) Forward & Back Basic
2) Side Basic
3) Side Tap
4) Heel, Heel, Toe
5) Hot Toe or Kick Ball Change
6) Two Corners
7) Four Corners
8) Chase Turn
9) Suzy-Q
10) Forward Crossovers
11) Crossover Suzy-Q
12) Angle Suzy Q
13) Front & Back Crossovers
14) Mambo Jazz
15) Kick Pivot
16) Left Flare
17) ½ Flare
18) Slave
19) Chord Beats Crossover
20) Chord Beats Side Steps
21) Cuban
22) Hook Step with Syncopated Back Rock
23) Spiral Kick
24) Spiral Kick with Turn
25) Double Crossover Tap
26) Dance Demonstration


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