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Turns & Spins in Style ,

By age 21 Shirley held every title available to her… The British Open, The Star, The European, The International, The Canadian Classic Du Quebec and The U.S. Open.
Rhythm/Style: Latin
Dancer (Instructor): Shirley Ballas assisted by Corky Ballas
Level of Dance: Bronze (Beginning-Intermediate)
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 50 min.

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Turns and Spins In Style

1. Copa with Man’s Hammerlock
2. Copa Back to Back
3. Copa to Belly Wrap
4. The Wrap with Zig Zag
5. Copa to Double Hammerlock
6. Triple Turn
7. The Quad Turn
8. Back Spot with Back Roll
9A. Cross Body Lead with Reverse to Ladies Hammerlock
9B. Cross Body Lead to Ladies Triple Turn Hammerlock
10. Hand Flick


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