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Watazu – Beautiful Life

Rhythm/Style: Latin & Standard
Type: Vocal & Instrumental
Brand: Watazu

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Track list:

1.CHACHA – Again Again (OST Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo) 01:59
2.FOXTROT – You Are So Beautiful (GOBLIN OST) 03:00
3.RUMBA – Beautiful (GOBLIN OST) 01:57
4 RUMBA – Beautiful (instrumental) (GOBLIN OST) 03:01
5.RUMBA – Why Would I Do Like (Legend Of The Sea OST) 02:15
6.RUMBA – Words In My Heart (IM NOT A ROBOT OST) 03:20
7.RUMBA – Words In My Heart (Instrumental) (IM NOT A ROBOT OST) 03:20
8.WALTZ – I Miss You – Humming (Love In The Moonlight OST) 03:48
9.WALTZ – I Miss You (Love In The Moonlight) 03:49
10.VWALTZ – Young’s Waltz (Love In The Moonlight OST) 01:44


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