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West Coast Swing “Outside The Box” ,

Rhythm/Style: West Coast Swing
Dancer (Instructor): Michelle Kinkaid
Level of Dance: All Levels
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 62 min.

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1. Outside Whip with Hand Change, Lunge & Recover; Waist Wrap & Switchbacks: (a) X-slot Exit, (b) Arm Catch & Snap Back Exit, (c) X-slot, Catch Back in Closed, Block & Recover
2. Right to Right Outside Turn with Lunges, Left Exit; X-Hand Split Arm Reverse Whip with Rock, Step, Through; Swivel Walks with Lunge & Fans; Inside Turning Throwout Exit
3. Whip with Tango Walks; Throwout with Inside Roll & Snapback with Leader’s Turn & Catch in Right to Right Shadow Position; Right to Right Side Pass with Improvisations: Walks, Charleston, Exit Right
4. Hustle Whips: Basic, Body Wrap, Alternating Head Loops
5. Simon’s Sweetheart; Follower’s Fun Stuff


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