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West Coast Swing Popular Variations II

Michelle is known for her smooth, interactive dance style. She is a three-time U.S. Open Classic Division Winner as well as winner of the U.S. Open Jack & Jill and many other titles including two-time winner of the Phoenix Champion of Champions. This exciting video bundles combinations, intricate footwork, extensions, and “play” moves. Includes the famous Creepy Crawler Stalker, the Worm, Outside Double Mega Combo and the very popular Sit Dip.

Rhythm/Style: West Coast Swing
Dancer (Instructor): Michelle Kinkaid
Level of Dance: All Levels
Format: DVD / All Regions
Approx: 59 min.

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1. Two Hand Sling to Lunge Combo with Spin by and Sit Dip Exits
2. Underarm Turn with Hand Change to the Worm
3. Outside Double Mega Combo
4. Creepy Crawler Stalker Move
5. Duffy Shuffle
6. Whooshing Whip Plus Arm catch and Snapback
7. Underarm Turn, to Shadow position with Slinky Walks and Pop Variations


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